Frank Antonetti knew from a young age that he wanted to be a vocal performer. 

The Early Years

Born in Summit, New Jersey, to Italian immigrant parents-- Antonetti and his brother were raised in a mixed-language household speaking English & Italian regularly.

When he became a young man, Antonetti enrolled in the army, ultimately resulting in a discharge. "My time in the army was a disaster, however, it did provide me with the financial support to ultimately fund my music career."

The Moment When "You Just Know"

As a young boy, Antonetti had fantasies of becoming a vocal performer. They didn't stop after puberty, but carried late into his adulthood.

It all changed when I saw the four disco divas concert at the Magic Casino on February 28, 2014. Yvonne Elliman’s ” If I Can’t Have You” was the song that solidified my dreams of becoming a performer."

Antonetti started taking vocal lessons and joined church choirs in his community to practice his vocals. In 2016, Antonetti started recording music in his home in Miami, FL.

Needing a change of scenery, Antonetti moved to New Orleans in 2018 and started performing outside in the French Quarter and in some of the nightclubs in the area 

Antonetti's next project is planned to be an entire album in Old Latin, the language of the Roman's during their reign throughout the First Century. His plan is to name the album "Marcellus" after the Roman God of the Planet Mars and his middle name 'Marcello'. The album is planned for 2020/2021 release.

You may ask, 'Why seven songs in Italian?' Hey, I'm a proud Italian-American and these songs in my family's native language is my tribute to my heritage.
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